PRCI, as a matter of policy, has stopped giving bouquets at its events. Instead, we give Green Certificates to our guests planting trees in their names.

We already had diabetes medicinal plants (Pune) and rain forest plantation (Bangalore) done.

This year we tied up with Sankalptaru which does fruit-bearing plantations pan-India.

A unique feature of this is that Sankalptaru plants and maintains the plants for three years plus and once the trees start bearing fruits, they transfer them to poor farmers giving them a source of income.

Each Green Certificate costs Rs 200 for e-certificate or Rs 250 for printed ones, covering the price of the plant, maintenance and printed certificate.

The various State options with fruit tree plantation are: Tehri-Uttarakhand:Mixed native fruit and medicinal tree; Ahmednagar-Maharashtra:Custard apple; Barmer-Rajasthan: Pomegranate; Chikmagalur-Karnataka: Areca Nut; Jangaon-Telangana:Mango; Anantapur-Andhra Pradesh: Mango; Leh-J&K:Apple, Walnuts and Apricots; Baniapada-Orissa:Cashew and Bankura-West Bengal:guava and mango

It’s a very good deal. For details and your requirements, please contact me.